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Linda Farrow

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The Challenge

Linda Farrow is a luxury eyewear brand from London known for its innovative designs and unique collaborations with some of the world's top fashion designers. The brand wanted to capitalize on the increasing number of online shoppers, engage with younger audiences on social media platforms, and stay ahead of competitors in the luxury eyewear market.

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The Strategy

Our strategy was three-pronged:

  • Target premium keywords: Due to the premium pricing of Linda Farrow's sunglasses, we couldn't bid on generic keywords like "womens sunglasses" as their products' price point would not align with the average consumer's budget. Instead, we focused on keywords that specifically contained or implied luxury such as “luxury sunglass brands” and “womens designer sunglasses” which are more likely to be searched by qualified customers.
  • Create compelling ad copy: We wrote copy that accentuated the brand's rich history and heritage. We highlighted the quality of the products, such as how they're made with high-end materials and crafted with precision. To distinguish our copy from generic ad copy by resellers of Linda Farrow products, we employed a sophisticated tone and mentioned benefits only available by buying direct from the brand.
  • Target wealthy audiences: Like most luxury brands, Linda Farrow's target audience is highly specific. We used census data to apply a variety of interest and behavior targeting layers to target high-income fashion-conscious individuals with a particular interest in luxury sunglasses. We targeted affluent neighborhoods, luxury shopping districts, and beach towns with high-end resorts to increase the chances of our ads reaching the right customers.
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The Keys to Success

While many small things going right in unison ultimately are what makes success, six things stood out:

  1. Focus on Best-Selling Pairs: By concentrating on promoting the most popular and best-selling eyewear styles, we ensured that our advertising efforts showcased the most desirable and sought-after products, thus driving higher interest and conversions.
  2. Keep the Quality of the Product Feed High: We optimized the product feed to ensure that all images were consistently of high quality and that as many fields as possible were accurately filled in. This resulted in a more professional and visually appealing presentation that resonated with our target audience.
  3. Swift Asset Turnaround: A rapid turnaround time for asset creation and delivery enabled us to quickly adapt to market changes and maintain a consistent and engaging marketing presence across various channels.
  4. Emphasis on Video Ads: By focusing on video ads, we were able to captivate our audience with dynamic and immersive storytelling, which effectively showcased the unique features and benefits of Linda Farrow's eyewear.
  5. Retargeting the Email List: Leveraging the existing email list allowed us to retarget past customers with the latest products and offers, fostering brand loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.
  6. Data-Driven Approach: We live and die by the numbers, using analytics and insights to inform our decisions, optimize campaign performance, and continually refine our strategy to maximize results and achieve our objectives.

The Results


Increase in revenue


Return on ad spend


Increase in traffic from organic search as we increased brand awareness via social media

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