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We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest and most famous companies to boost their online visibility while helping ambitious, new companies to jumpstart their online presence. Provided the assignment requires world-beating digital marketing, no client or assignment is too small or unusual for Cogney. Our track record of success is based on a highly analytical, rigorous approach twinned with a thorough understanding of our client’s business and target audience.

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Cogney overhauled the SEO strategy of Airbnb over two years by working closely with the company’s headquarters. "We saw huge lifts in traffic," said the Head of SEO.

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Through a reclassification and restructuring of its taxonomy, Cogney made this online marketplace of personal services Hong Kong’s #1 go-to resource for booking tutors, manicures and the like.

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We rewrote the playbook on how the world’s best-known brain games company presented its content and games to Google and end-users.

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As web developers ourselves, we were able to jumpstart the SEO of this B2B business specializing in error tracking and debugging tools by communicating with their tech audience in the language they understand best.

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Cogney overhauled the website of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency trading platform, ensuring its continued leadership as one of the most widely consulted sources of exchange rate information in the industry.

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Little Steps Asia

By training this parenting blog in the first principles of SEO, Cogney was instrumental to making it the #1 parenting blog in Hong Kong.

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Baby Central

By adapting the content and online advertising of this ecommerce site to the particularities of its target market, Hong Kong expat parents, Cogney propelled this retailer to pole position in its home market.

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Asia Medical Specialists

This specialist orthopedic medical practice called us because their online advertising had hit a plateau. Within three months, we increased conversion by five times.

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Gall Solicitors

Cogney helped Gall Solicitors occupy more real estate in the search results and differentiate themselves from other law firms competing for the same keywords.

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By combining Cogney's thorough understanding of SEO, TALSEM's skilled team, and our shared passion for Teslas, we accelerated organic search traffic to this ecommerce store selling Tesla aftermarket accessories.

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